Benefits of Listening to Theta Binaural Beats

Theta waves have potent stress relieving properties.
Stress Relief, Easier Meditation Practice, Increased Levels of Creativity, Body Healing & Rejuvenation, Increased Mental Clarity, Lucid Dreaming, Increased Vigour, Improved Relationships, Tap Into Your Subconscious Mind, Better Sleep.

Listening to theta infused music will encourage your brain to produce fewer high frequency beta waves and more lower frequency theta waves; enabling you to calm down and reduce any anxiety you feel.

This is helpful if you are find yourself with too much to cope with, or struggle with invasive, self-limiting, negative thoughts.
Theta waves correlate with creative insight and intuition, which makes sense since when we relax, turn our thoughts inward and explore the mind, we find increased clarity among the valleys of our thoughts.

After a theta listening session, you'll find you have access to increased mental clarity.

Mental blockages fall away and paves the way for better decision making and a more productive, organized state of mind.
Theta brain waves are present during light sleep in the REM dream state. During a normal nights sleep a sleeper passes from the theta waves of stage 1 and 2, to the delta waves of stage 3 and 4.

So theta waves are instrumental in the falling asleep part of the sleep cycle.