The music for “Own Your Power Meditations” were composed by Zoel, with Sitara providing guidance for the pieces that were consciously created . All the music has been downloaded with specific energetic and tonal commands to enhance the experience of the particular technique. The music has been created with purpose through a meditative state, which can easily be felt when you experience it.”

Break ingrained programs in the body-mind that keep you imprisoned in the past.  

Breaking Patterns Meditation lasts for 40 minutes. It has 6 stages, involving intense breathing and activity. If you can’t physically complete some of the stages, please attempt the alternative version. This is an active meditation and requires physical well-being. 

Release all low vibrations from your body through crying.

Healing Tears Meditation lasts for  45 minutes. You can do it as much as you need and for as long as you need, but remember that you are doing mindful activity which means your full awareness must be present. It must have a start and end in order to be a tool of releasing. The music for this meditation is specifically composed to support you through this process. The instruments and tones chosen will allow you to open your heart . The music contains specific energetic and tonal commands to enhance the experience, create a portal to connect with your guardian angels and allow the healing of the wounds.