Zoel is a conscious musical artist who draws inspiration from the healing power of frequency and vibration. As a former MTV VJ, she had travelled around the world learning about a vary of music styles and cultures. She believes that music has the ability to transform lives and bring people together, and she infuses this belief into every composition she creates. Her unique sound combines elements of sacred music, ancestral instruments with a touch of spirituality and mindfulness, to create a powerful and uplifting musical experience.

Zoel's music is designed to help listeners tap into their own inner power and connect with their true essence. She believes that by tapping into the power of frequency and vibration, we can unlock the secrets to our own well-being and heal both our minds and bodies. Her music is designed to help us find peace, joy, and happiness, no matter what challenges we may be facing in life.

With her powerful lyrics and angelic soulful vocals, Zoel inspires listeners to look within and find the courage to embrace their true selves. Her music is a celebration of the human spirit, and she invites everyone to join her on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Whether you are seeking solace or simply looking to uplift your spirits, Zoel's music is sure to bring you peace, comfort, and inspiration.