Zoel is a musical conscious artist. As a former MTV VJ, she had travelled around the world learning about a vary of music styles and cultures. She is currently in the studio producing ELEMENTS. In this new work she combines Electronic beats with frequencies and vibrations of Healing Instruments from around the world. Her first single "Palo Santo" has reached thousands of people and created awareness to save this sacred wood.

Zoel created a unique musical experience, where she combined the Healing elements of frequencies, vibration and sound. Connecting body + mind + spirit .

Early this year Zoel begun to showcase her latest MUSICAL EXPERIENCE, combining the health benefits of Sound Healing utilizing the sounds of Tibetan bowls, quartz bowls, native American flutes, drums, chanting and singing and combining the beats of electronic music to create an immersive musical performance. Participants will be guided to connect with the elements of EARTH, WATER, FIRE AND AIR and integrating this experience in all our levels.